Travel to Europe with BRB Travel 3 times per year including Sights and a 3+ star rated hotel from £49.99 PP

BRB Travel lets you and as many friends as you want to travel to Europe three times per year for three days and two nights from £49.99 per person including flights and a 3+ star rated hotel

Fixed price of £200 per trip for single travelers and £180 per trip if you travel with a friend

horse and carriage in Bruges

What is Be Right Back

BRB Travel lets you and as many friends as you want to travel to Europe three times per year for three days and two nights from £49.99 per person including flights and a 3+ star hotel.


How it Works

It takes as little as 60 seconds to sign up and begin your next adventure.


You do the easy part

Step 1. You tell us the type of breaks you usually enjoy (cultural, romantic, adventure etc.)

Step 2. You tell us your preferred cities across Europe

Step 3. You tell us which UK airports you want to fly from

Step 4. You tell us your travel dates and preferred flight times

Step 5. Sit back and let our team of holiday experts do the rest


We do the hard part

Our seasoned travel team will select a curated destination, hotel and flight for you and will reveal your destination for your upcoming trip one month before you’re due to travel. We will also send a guide with useful tips such as Uber alternatives, things to do that match your personal preferences and how to make the most of your trip.



You can travel solo and take out a ‘Go Solo’ package for £49.99 per month or travel with a +1 and take out a ‘Go Together’ package from £89.99. If you want to bring a friend or friends along and are a solo traveler, then they can pay a one-off fee to join you with our ‘Trip Sync’ option or become a subscriber themselves.


BRB Travel works out at £600 a year for three trips to Europe on ‘Go Solo’, or £1,080 on ‘Go Together’ with all flights and accommodation included and the price is fixed so no nasty surprise about flight or hotel prices going up.


Payment is monthly so there is no need for a large payment like traditional holidays and there is no planning or administration as we do all the heaving lifting for you. With Be Right Back, you spend time doing what you should be doing, enjoying your holiday, not planning it


Free Trips

Our travelers can get unlimited credit towards their next trip by referring their friends. Each friend is worth £20 in credit for you and £20 credit for them. Bring 10 friends to BRB Travel and your next trip is on us!


Cancel Anytime

BRB is here to make your life easier, not harder. That’s why we’ve made managing your account simple. Unlike a gym, you can cancel at any time with no minimum commitment. Pay for what you use; get back what you don’t use.


Get your money back

Any unused money is yours and can be refunded at any time as long as you do not have a ‘locked’ trip.


3.5+ Star Reviews Hotel

You’ll always stay in a 3+ star rated, centrally located hotel, with a customer rating of 3.5 or above on TripAdvisor.


You’re in Control

You’ll always travel to a new destination unless you want to revisit your favorites and we will never send you somewhere you don’t want to visit thanks to your bucket list of destinations.


Go Solo Subscription

Incentive 1 – 5% off every month

  • Code – AFFSOLO5
  • Messaging – Save 5% each month and £29.99 over 12 months on Go Solo with the code AFFSOLO5


Go Together Subscription

Incentive 1 – 10% off every month

  • Code – No Code Required, Discount Automatically Applied
  • Messaging – Save 10% each month, discount automatically applied


Incentive 2 – 25% off your first month

  • Code – AFFGOTO25
  • Messaging – Save 25% on your first month of Go Together worth £22.50 with the code AFFGOTO25


Example Trips

Trip 1: Cracking Light Show in Reykjavik 🌌

Did you know the Northern Lights aren’t just a majestic light show and visual experience?

During the season, cracks and pops can be heard, which make the Aurora Borealis the ultimate light show on planet Earth! Last month, BRB members experienced the Lights by staying at the 3 Star  Storm Hotel by Keahotels in Reykjavik for 2 nights.


Trip 2: My Sweet Sistine in Rome ⛪️

Have you ever looked up at the ceiling of the Sistine chapel to admire at the amazing paintings by Michel Angelo?

If you went away with BRB last month and selected ‘Culture’ as your main trip type, you may have had an amazing surprise when we revealed Rome as your destination. What better way to experience Italian culture than visit the one and only Sistine chapel, follow the footsteps of Gladiators in the Coliseum, Taste amazing antipasti and wine from local restaurant by Piazza Campo De Fiori or experienced Italian high end fashion by visiting luxury shops on Via Dei Condotti?


Trip 3: I am So Berlin Up! 🎉

You haven’t experienced techno until you’ve been in a warehouse listening to numbing industrial beats for 12 hours. Doesn’t sound appealing?

There’s a reason people love to party in Berlin. It’s chilled out, it’s underground and it’s edgy AF. Berlin is home to arguably one of the most hallowed dancefloors in Europe in Berghain, notoriously difficult to get into, if you make the grade getting past Sven and his team of bouncers, you’re in for one of the most unforgettable nights of your life.

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