Holiday Property

Why Book with Holiday Lettings?

Holiday Lettings UK, a TripAdvisor company, have over 600,000 privately owned holiday cottages, villas and apartments in 150+ countries worldwide from wooded cabins, beach houses, and city apartments, to castles, houseboats, bungalows and tree homes—the perfect accommodation for your trip is on Holiday Lettings UK! providing the best experience for any type of traveler at any budget.

Whatever your vacation preference, or the size of your group, they find holiday rentals for you such as villas in Spain, holiday cottages in Cornwall, villas in Portugal, apartments in Sydney and many more.

Renting holiday rentals direct from the owner is the perfect hotel alternative if you want space, privacy, flexibility and value for money. You’ll save pounds per person, have the freedom to holiday at your own pace and be able to experience life like a local in your chosen destination.

Sunseekers can use the Holiday Lettings  guide to where is hot to find sunny holiday destinations at any time of the year.


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