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Getting a break over Christmas gives you time to spend with family, and you then get to celebrate the New Year. Although your holiday might be fun, it’s not always relaxing. It can bring with it a lot of stress, borne from everything from frantic Christmas dinner cooking to irritating relatives. When January arrives, it can feel like you need another holiday! Some people don’t get much time off over Christmas, either, or choose not to take it. So maybe there’s some merit to January holidays instead? If you feel like the January blues are already setting in long before the year begins, you should give yourself something to.


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Beat the Blues with January Holidays

If you need to get away in the first month of the year, you have so many destinations to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something warm or you want to enjoy the winter somewhere with proper snow, take a look at these ideas to decide where to go for your January holidays.

Enjoy a More Affordable Winter Holiday

Winter in the UK is often much ado about nothing. We don’t get much snow, and when we do, it causes chaos. If you want a real winter experience, you have to go elsewhere. There are some places that get more snow in the UK, especially at higher altitudes, but taking a look at the rest of Europe is your best bet for a quick and wintry getaway. January could be your chance to get a cheaper last-minute deal too. Holidays get expensive over Christmas and New Year, but you can discover some great deals once all the kids have gone back to school.

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Skiing is obviously one of the most popular things to do, and there are amazing resorts all over. As well as the usual suspects like France and Austria, take a look at opportunities to ski in places like Poland too. You could save money and still enjoy a beautiful country and some awesome slopes. But if skiing and other snowsports aren’t for you, there’s still a lot more to discover on the continent in January.

You could go to a ski resort and simply indulge in the apres-ski without the ski, or try somewhere you can take in the scenery and culture with the added benefit of snow. Why not explore Switzerland by rail – you can be sure that the snow won’t disrupt your journey.

Get Warm on an Island Getaway

Some people would rather spend winter somewhere warm. There are some fantastic January island holidays that are perfect for this very thing. You don’t need to go any further than Europe to find somewhere a little warmer, but you could choose to take a look at North Africa and other locations too.

Consider January holidays in Tenerife, Lanzarote or maybe even the Canary Islands if you want sun, sea and sand. The islands of Spain – including the Canary Islands off North Africa – and Greece are always popular choices. They offer everything from holidays with your mates to perfect family affairs. Then there’s Malta, Corsica, Cyprus, and Sicily.

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You can choose to experience a January island escape however you like. Some people are looking to party, while others want a relaxing time away. You won’t find super hot temperatures in Europe at this time of year, but it can still be pleasantly mild in a number of places. The sea might not be warm or calm enough for swimming, but strolls along the beach or coast certainly aren’t out of the question. It doesn’t need to be summer for an island holiday to be fun and relaxing.

“Shake off the stress of Christmas – Sneak off on a January holiday while everyone else gets back to work.”

Find the Perfect Family Fun

If you’re looking for January holidays with your baby or as a family, you have a huge choice of places to go. Most destinations are suitable for family trips; you just need to know how to make the most of them. Of course, the suggestions above of a holiday in the snow or sun are excellent for families with young children or teenagers. You could learn to ski as a family, or send the kids off to ski school while you enjoy your holiday by an open fire. Pick a family-friendly resort like Avoriaz in France or Obergurgl in Austria.

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Families with younger children might not be so ready to strap on a pair of skis. If you’re travelling with a baby or toddler, maybe you would prefer to stick to somewhere warmer. But it’s not essential if you want to give your child their first proper snow experience. As long as you all wrap up warm, you can spend your time walking, tobogganing, exploring winter markets and finding out what sort of winter festivities are available. Lots of cities put on family-friendly events during the winter.

January Holidays – The Best Time to Go Long-haul?

Taking a long-haul or even mid-haul flight can be a pretty expensive thing to do, especially if you’re taking your family. But if you’re planning to go somewhere a bit further afield, January could be the ideal time to do it. You can seek out warmer weather if you want to, and you can often find cheaper prices too.

But remember that for some destinations, January is peak season. In Thailand, for example, the weather is fantastic, so you’ll find that flight prices generally go up. Fortunately, there are great deals to be had elsewhere. Always wanted to experience winter in New York? You could spend almost two-thirds less on flights in mid-January than you would on a trip over the New Year.

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If you’re looking to get further away but you want warmth and not snow for your January holidays, try Dubai for size. You’ll generally find cheaper flights towards the end of the month. Or what about Jamaica? Prices drop after the first two weeks of January, but the average temperature is still 25 degrees. The USA offers both warmer and cooler destinations to check out, with everything from skiing to getting some winter sun. Or you could try India for somewhere that’s super hot in the summer but a cooler and more comfortable temperature in winter.

Treat yourself this January with a last-minute getaway to the place of your choice. There are so many opportunities, and prices drop as soon as school holidays are over so search here for some of the best travel deals available.

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