Contrasts of Colombia


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Previously unseen by many, Colombia’s popularity is rising, not least because of its array of contrasting regions that provide a wonderful mix of experiences. The Coffee Zone, where plantations thrive on emerald-green hilltops and the cloud forest of the Cocora Valley are where we begin our explorations. Colombia’s vibrant capital – the colourful city of Bogotá – and the incredible Chicamocha Canyon, together with the charming colonial towns developed upon cobblestone streets by Spanish explorers, over four centuries ago, are next in this discovery. The highlight for many will be the paradise beach location of Tayrona National Natural Park; enjoy lush tropical forests with fascinating walks through jungle framed by the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountain Range. Join a great adventure to explore these beautiful places, concluding in the UNESCO-listed Cartagena, learning of life in the country’s most beautiful regions as you go.