Grand Tour of Italy


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Discover Italy in its full splendour on this grand tour, covering the distance from Venice in the north, through Emilia Romagna and Tuscany to Southern Italy, taking a short boat crossing over to the island of Sicily. Plentiful must-do stops and activities await you along the way, including the beautiful walled city of Ferrara, the medieval history of the renowned food city of Bologna and the romance of the great art city of Florence, as well as Pisa and Lucca. Enjoy a wine tasting and stays in Rome and Naples, and a chance to experience the serene beauty of the Greek temples in Paestum, followed by a tasting of buffalo mozzarella in the area that is famous throughout Italy for producing the best of this delicious cheese. The final leg of your tour takes you a short distance by sea to Sicily. Plenty of optional excursions are available along the route – so tailor the trip to suit. You will certainly come away with a fine flavour and sense of Italy in all its charming completeness.