Great Apes of Uganda


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"No one who looks into a gorilla's eyes – intelligent, gentle, vulnerable – can remain unchanged, for the gap between ape and human vanishes; we know that the gorilla still lives within us. Do gorillas also recognise this ancient connection?" – George B Schaller. When you think of safari holidays, Uganda is not always the first destination that comes to mind, yet this incredible addition to our portfolio is unbeatable for its collection of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. In small groups of a maximum 16 people per departure, we stay in beautifully crafted lodges in serene national parks including Queen Elizabeth National Park, which boasts one of the highest biodiversity ratings of any game park – from the open savannah to rainforest, dense papyrus swamps and crater lakes, to the vast Lake Edward. In our six-passenger 4×4 vehicles, you will be guaranteed a window seat, and within each park we take game drives, nature walks and boat rides to search for the countless mammals, reptiles, birds and butterflies that reside here. Whilst hikes to observe chimpanzees and a powerful troop of magnificent and hauntingly human-like mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, are likely to be the truly unforgettable highlight.