Iceland and the Fjords of Greenland


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Let Fred. Olsen’s Black Watch help you explore the remote, breathtaking regions of Greenland. Simply stunning fjords and waterways, astonishing natural wonders and fascinating settlements all await discovery in this elusive country; and there’s no better way to take in the best of them than on this unforgettable cruise. Your incredible itinerary begins in Iceland for an overnight stop in Reykjavik, the capital and your gateway to the world-famous wonders of the Golden Circle. Sail on to Ísafjörður, for Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, before heading for Greenland. A day of magical scenic cruising brings some of the country’s greatest sights closer to you, before stopping at Qaqortoq for your first chance to step foot on Greenlandic shores and then Narsarsuaq and Nanortalik. Finally, delight in the majestic scenery of the Tasermiut Fjord as you depart Greenland for home, stopping off in Northern Ireland for a day in Belfast en route.