Majestic Lochs of Scotland


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Join Black Watch to sail through the majestic lochs of Scotland on this fantastic voyage which also witnesses natural beauty of epic proportions, and wonderful cities, towns and villages packed with enthralling Scottish history. Discover the historic capital of the Orkney Islands, Kirkwall, exploring its Christian, Nordic and Celtic past; before sailing to captivating Invergordon, situated at the head of a beautiful firth and the gateway to Loch Ness, thought to be the home of a legendary sea monster. We’ll also dock in the holiday town of Ullapool, cruise the breathtaking Loch Broom, visit the pretty village of Tobermory renowned for its picturesque brightly-coloured houses lining the stunning waterfront, and sail the stunning Sound of Mull. We conclude in the vibrant city of Glasgow, loved for its lively culture, amazing energy, wonderful attractions and fantastic art scene.